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December 24, 2009

Chrysalis Holiday Party

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Did you miss the festivities? Hurry on over to Rose’s blog. She posted a review and lots of great photos.

If you have  a holiday post on your blog let us know in the comments so we can come visit.

Happy holidays, everyone!



December 5, 2009

From the IN Box

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*****Congratulations to Roxie.  I read all the hook entries to a room full of Thanksgiving pre-guests without showing them the picture.  Many of the entries had votes and brought a lot of comments. Roxie’s hook had the most people wanting to keep reading and find out what happens next.

True, the results might have been different if I’d shown the picture, but like a book, I wanted the listeners to be influenced only by the words.

Thanks to everyone for playing, we’ll have more contests. So stay tuned.

By MykReeve

NanoWriMo is finished.

6 Chrysalis writers participated.

Here are some great thoughts from Ruth R. about the experience.

Once I set my mind to begin, the Nanowrimo discipline kicked in and I made a chose to write so many words a day until I completed. That was only a goal. As I met myself each day to write, discipline reinforced my attitude, attitude reinforced my discipline… and I was on a writing roll. Another plus of writing a story is that visiting there each day is like going on a vacation (an escape). I enjoyed going there each day to see what would happen, and reveled in the license I had as a writer to say and do what I wanted! (Sometimes a character told me different.

As I wrote I noted pieces I would revise.  In fact, my story was sandwiched between musings about starting nanawrimo and self analysis at the end. I have left it (anticlimatic) and will come back to it later. As for continuing writing I have set the goal of writing, revising, and accomplishing some stage of the writing process for poems and prose… each day.
I thank Chrysalis,again, for information about opportunities and encouragement.
Funny thing…after I hit 51,350 at 9:20PM on the 29th I decided NOT to send it to nanowrimo. I wrote my piece, set next steps and told my writing pals about it (I did it!)..what more did I need for gratification!
The cheering sound you hear, Ruth  comes from your fellow writers, applauding and saying, “Well done.”
Anyone else want to share their experience?

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