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September 16, 2011


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Here’s a link to some free software that will allow your computer to read Word documents out loud to you. Very cool, very useful in editing. It works with PCs, and while there is a Mac version available, a friend has told me that the free version is limited. I’ve been using this program a lot lately, both to catch typos and missing words, and to check for overall smoothness in my writing. I can’t begin to say how helpful it’s been.

After it downloads, click to install (rather than saving it). Let the setup wizard do its thing.

Once it’s installed you might have to take extra steps to get it to show up on your toolbar in Word. Here is what their FAQ says to do.

I’ve installed WordTalk but can’t see the toolbar in Word 2003

  • (In Word) Go to Tools>templates and Add-ins;
  • Click on the add button;
  • browse to the file in c:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\microsoft\word\startup.

You might also have to turn on the toolbar. Go to “View” then “toolbars” and select “WordTalk.” You can find a key to what the each tool means here:

You can also adjust the voice from male to female. From the Start menu go to “settings” then “control panel.” Double click the “speech” icon. In the box that opens, choose the “text to speech” tab. There will be a choice of at least two voices, one male and one female. Choose the one you like and adjust the speed.

That’s it. Now you can play around with your new toy.


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