Chrysalis: Emerging Women Writers

About Chrysalis

Chrysalis is an ongoing writer’s group for women in the Portland metropolitan area.  Started in xxxx by poet Kate Gray, the group is now led by Pat Lichen, author of Brittle Stars & Mudbugs: An Uncommon Field Guide to Northwest Shorelines & Wetlands, Passionate Slugs & Hollywood Frogs: An Uncommon Field Guide to Northwest Backyards, and River-Walking Songbirds & Singing Coyotes: An Uncommon Field Guide to Northwest Mountains, published by Sasquatch Press. Our goal is to support and encourage women of all ages in a wide variety of writing endeavors.  We meet every Wednesday from 12 pm to 2 pm on the campus of Clackamas Community College in Oregon City, OR.

Our writers are young, old, and in-between. Some are published through traditional venues, some are self-published, some are still fine-tuning manuscripts. We have many award-winning poets and writers, and others who are just starting out.  We write novels, poetry, articles, memoirs, screenplays. We’ve even had the occasional sermon or term paper. All women are welcome.

How it works

Every week writers bring a poem, a short story, or 3-4 pages of a manuscript, with enough copies for the group to share.  Each person is given time to read their work, then it is critiqued by other members. We are gentle, funny, honest, inclusive,  and smart. Everyone agrees that Chrysalis is a wonderfully supportive community and that we all learn together as we go. Over the years we have grown, but we are still small enough for intimacy and many enduring friendships have been formed. Most weeks everyone who wants to read gets the chance.

We supplement our time together with occasional parties and many members also belong to groups such as Willamette Writers and SCBWI. If you are a woman with a desire to write, join us.

Because we know many women do not have the luxury of arranging their time for a daytime group, Chrysalis is considering expanding into the evening hours if there is enough interest. Please leave a comment or email Susan Landis-Steward if you are interested in this group. When we hit critical mass (to be defined based on response) we will move forward with this group.


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  1. I am interested in the Chrysalis writing group (which I heard about from Trevor Dodge). However, because I have another class at your Wednesday 12-2 meet time, I would be interested in an alternate evening time slot (only not Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday this term because I have class then too).


    Margaret Johnson

    P.S. I would be appreciative of any other suggestions of how to become a better writer.

    Comment by Margaret Johnson — January 8, 2011 @ 4:11 pm

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