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by Alice Lynn

Does growing up mean giving up?

Working-class Wrenn spent her childhood dreaming of the fine clothes and ornate houses of the upper class.  Her mother always told her she shouldn’t reach beyond her station. Now that Wrenn’s of age, a wealthy friend has presented her with the perfect opportunity to improve her position. Can she fit into that glamorous and elusive world and perhaps even find romance, or is her mother right in saying that Wrenn should grow up and abandon her dreams?

Set in Portland, Oregon and New York City in the early 1900s, this tender love story makes use of vivid historical detail to draw the reader into Wrenn’s world.

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The Sanna Series

“Once you read your first Sanna book, you’ll be hooked.  This endearing sorceress apprentice won my heart with her crackling creativity and oh-so-human foibles.  The Sanna series sings with magical inventions, clever characters, some incredible fight scenes and a few isn’t-it-getting-warm-in-here? romantic moments.  When is the next book coming out?!     Linda Goertz: Dinwiddy News-Chronicle

Sanna, Sorceress Apprentice

The Thon Academy of Higher Magic for Young Ladies of Exceptional Talent will make Sanna a Sorceress  – if she can just learn to behave.  Her talents lie in the fiber arts – knitting waterproof socks, and self-heating mittens. She embroiders a bag that is bigger on the inside than on the outside, which she then uses to rescue a handsome slave from a fate worse than death.  They fall in love at first kiss.

But a Sorceress must devote her entire life to her career.  When her handsome prince proposes, Sanna must choose between love and magic.

“…a good book,. . . .funny, well paced, good characters and situations. . . I’m more than willing to recommend it!”  Anne McCaffrey

Sanna and the Dragons

There’s magic in yarn, and Sanna has a gift for it.  She wants to be a proper young sorceress, but her unique skills and personality keep tripping her up.  She deals with a series of trials including Smaugs (poisonous hand-sized lizards), “the dragon’s breath” (a deadly cold wind), and evil machinations around a race horse named SeaDragon. And then her beloved Prince Jerris is transformed and needs her help.  Repeatedly, she discovers that the only way to succeed is to be her true self, no matter how “improper” that may be.

“A sweet romp.”  Barbara (Mrs. Ben) Bova

Sanna meets Dauntless Swiftsure

Tribe Dauntless needs a healer.  Sanna is on the road back to the Thon Academy of Higher Magic for Young Ladies of Exceptional Talent when she encounters the Messenger, Dauntless Swiftsure.  Can Sanna find love and happiness as Shaman for these desert nomads?

“You’ll laugh out loud!”  Dennis Baker, Aardvark Times

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The Lutheran Ladies Series

by Kris Knorr

Plucking One String (Book 1)
They’re New, Improved and 30% Sassier.  These strong-willed women have opinions. They’re rattling bone-deep traditions as they try to pry Vera Henley out of her queen bee position of running everything in church.  Unfortunately, the mess of change hits more than one target. With even more rebellion and chaos unraveling the Lutheran Ladies, they must choose which thread to pluck—and which to let go.

Through the Knothole (Book 2)

Kay McCabe is about to lose her house. But when two old Lutheran women need a place to stay, she’s pretty sure she’s about to lose even more. She’s lost her privacy. Lost her humor. Lost her faith in others. And God isn’t answering His email. Now Kay must decide if it’s better to hang onto life the way it was—or to squeeze though a knothole toward the new and unknown.

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  1. A lovely surprise to see Wrenn: Egypt House listed on the Chrysalis site. Thanks Lisa!

    Comment by Alice Lynn — January 10, 2009 @ 9:33 am

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