Chrysalis: Emerging Women Writers

Members’ Bios and Links

Susan Landis-Steward

I got my start in journalism about a century ago but always felt called to try my hand at writing mysteries. A brain injury allowed me the freedom to join Chrysalis about six years ago, and I’ve never looked back. Since joining I’ve written three mysteries. I enjoy writing so much I never quite get around to editing, but my goal for 2009 is to get the first, Blind Leading the Blind, ready to start making the rounds. I’m currently working on the definitive lesbian theological thriller.  I make my living writing back-of-the-book indexes and my partner and I have a small fiber business called Two Old Batts. When I’m not writing, I’m following Gandhi’s advice by attempting to achieve world peace by spinning my own yarn. I live on (and sometimes in) Beavercreek, OR.

My blog about just about everything (I have opinions) is:

Past blogs: Lazy River Ramblings

Travel blog: Vicarious Travel

Find me here as well:


Lisa Nowak

I write YA novels and have completed three manuscripts about troubled kids who find family and make peace with themselves through their involvement in amateur stock car racing. My favorite books are character-driven stories about trust, self-discovery and loyalty—so that’s what I write. I believe that humor can enhance any book and I use it liberally. As a former stock car racer and car builder, I draw on my 13 years of experience to provide the authentic details that bring my writing to life. Though my books are fast-paced sports stories, they also deal with tough issues like works by Chris Crutcher, Rob Thomas, and Laurie Halse Anderson.

In addition to my blog, The Tao of Webfoot, you can visit me at the following places:


Roxanne Matthews

Roxanna Matthews is a Certified Master Knitter and a professional weaver, and has experience as a spinner, dyer, and embroideress. She grew up on the high deserts of Oregon, and spent three years at boarding school in the city.  She has a brown belt in Judo, a BA in English from Lewis and Clark College, and a much loved husband.

Visit Roxie’s blog: Sanna’s Bag

Barb Froman

Barb Froman may have scraped together enough education to get off of a hardscrabble ranch in Oklahoma, but part of her heart remains there. She laces her writing with lessons from: having a skunk as a childhood pet, working for the Office of the Governor, to her postition as Advertising Director for the 10 Wal-Mart stores in the OKC area.

pumpkin-photoShe enjoys snow shoeing, climbing, and tossing on a backpack for a week-long hike. Mostly, so she can eat chocolate and cheesecake when she returns to civilization.  In the summer, she feels obligated to find homes for the extra vegetables from her garden. Her goal is to grow a pumpkin big enough to crawl inside of, but she’d have to give up the chocolate and cheesecake to accomplish that, (never gonna happen).

She’s a member of Willamette Writers (and Chrysalis, of course). Her manuscripts weave forgotten folks and overlooked tales into humorous, tender stories about communities dealing with change.

Visit:  Before Morning Breaks for her words of hope during the thin hours of a dark night.

Terri Patrick

Chrysalis has been a bonus in my life, these past ten years, since I moved to Oregon City. I have 4 daughters and 2 grandsons. I’m a (former) technical writer with a passion for fiction and seldom “get”-poetry. My non-fiction style has been compared to Erma Bombeck.

If you are interested in more about me, check out the ‘About Therese’ page on the website for my memoir: “The Will To Love-a memoir of being raised by saints” at

Rose Lefebvre

Rose Lefebvre enjoys writing poetry and has been involved with the wonderful Chrysalis Womens Writers group for several years. She has written 3 chapbooks–The Lighthouse Aims Its Watchful Eye, Nightfall Stirs and Edges In, and Petals and Thorns.
She enjoys photography, needlepoint, crewel embroidery, reading, and the beautiful great outdoors of the Pacific Northwest. In the United States Rose has been to Oregon (of course!), California, Washington, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri (born there!), Nevada, Utah, Virginia, Washington D.C., Florida, and Hawaii. She has also visited British Columbia and Alberta, Canada, as well as France, England, Scotland and a wee bit o’ Wales. She wishes someday to travel more and wishes some sweet rich old lady or gentleman would like a paid travelling companion/aide!
Rose currently works at Clackamas Community College in the Disability Resource Center. She is also a member and “adopted mother” of the Writer’s Club on campus.  Rants and Raves from Rose



  1. How do I become a member of Chrysalis?

    Comment by HEvencense — September 1, 2009 @ 3:15 pm

  2. To become a memeber, just come to Clackamas Community College any Weds. at 12 noon and go to CC 220 (right across from the elevator, the Literary Arts Center). The meetings last from 12 to 2 pm. Bring what you want to share and about 15 copies to hand out for written feedback. You will read your piece (or have someone read it for you if shy) and receive oral and written feedback. It is a great group and I have been in it for several years!

    Comment by Rose — November 3, 2009 @ 9:55 am

  3. Thanks, Rose for answering this.
    If you’re not near this location, I invite you to tune into this blog and ask questions or share comments.

    We all know how important it is to get quality feedback and how isolated some women writers are.

    I tend to get busy and not keep up with the blogging during the summer, but we’re all still writing, laughing, and most of all supporting each other.
    Let us hear from you.

    Comment by Barb — November 5, 2009 @ 2:41 pm

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